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ABCs of First Aid

Once an injured person has been removed from the situation that caused the injury, the First Aid provider checks the ABCs of First Aid:

  • Airway: Is the injured person’s airway open? If there is any obstruction in the mouth, throat or larynx, it must be removed manually.
  • Breathing: Is the injured person breathing? If not, steps should be taken to ensure that air is being cycled into the lungs (artificial respiration).
  • Circulation: Is blood getting to the injured person’s tissues? If there is no heartbeat, CPR should be applied. If there is a heartbeat but the person’s blood is not reaching the brain in sufficient quantities, the person should be treated for circulatory shock. If there is severe bleeding, pressure should be applied, and the part should be elevated.

For more detailed classes in First Aid, we recommend Your local Red Cross also offers classes in First Aid and CPR.