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Only Homeopathic HouseCall helps consumers find the best, individualized homeopathic remedies for first-aid and acute conditions

What’s more, our Affiliate Program pays YOU to make that connection!

Simply refer your friends, colleagues, & patients

  • Help your patients, family, and friends discover the benefits of Homeopathy

  • Expand Homeopathy’s global reach

  • Help support homeopathic projects around the world

  • Earn extra income

We believe Homeopathic HouseCall has the potential to revolutionize not only Homeopathy's effectiveness in home prescribing, but also its global reach.

We all marvel daily at the ability of Homeopathy to cure disease without causing harm. By sharing Homeopathic HouseCall, you can help others experience this miracle of nature.

Because promoting a product to its full potential on the Internet can take years of meticulous and targeted advertising, and because we recognize that first-hand recommendations are the most effective way of attracting new users, we have chosen to use a paid referral (affiliate) system to spread the word.

We hope that the incentive of commissions will spur our users to recommend Homeopathic HouseCall to others directly, so that they may enjoy the power and efficacy of Homeopathy, just as we do daily.

Here's how our Affiliate System works:

  1. Subscribe to HH, and register to become an Affiliate.
    Note: If you found Homeopathic HouseCall through a referral from a fellow Affiliate, please contact them to receive a personalized signup link for the Affiliate Program.

  2. Receive an individualized referral link, and send this to your patients, family and colleagues, along with your recommendation that they subscribe to Homeopathic HouseCall. You will receive 10% of each subscription generated through your unique link, and these are your Level 1 Affiliates

  3. If your patients, family and colleagues register as Affiliates and refer people through their own link, you will receive 5% on those referrals. These are your Level 2 Affiliates. Your Affiliates will receive 10% on their own direct referrals in their respective Level 1.

  4. Commissions are paid on three levels, with a maximum commission paid out per subscription of 20% - 10% for your Level 1 and 5% for your Levels 2 and 3 respectively.

  5. In addition to complying with the Terms of Use to become an Affiliate, the only other requirement is that you maintain a current subscription to Homeopathic HouseCall.

Is this network marketing?

Network, or multi-level, marketing uses many tiers or levels of commission, which allows those at the top tier to receive commissions when people many levels below them make sales. Because more than half of each sale may go to pay commissions, network marketing has often been criticized for drastically increasing the consumer price of a company's product.

We have chosen to restrict our referral system to a three-tier commission. This means that three Affiliates may collectively earn as much as 20 percent from a new subscription. Because we stop at the third tier, the cost of a referral can never exceed 20 percent of the subscription cost. This cost is actually less than the cost of direct advertising.

As an Affiliate, what you do NOT need to do:

  • Purchase anything. No inventory, no marketing materials. Simply maintain your own current subscription to Homeopathic HouseCall.

  • Keep records of any sort — our Affiliate System software will keep track of everything automatically

  • Develop marketing materials. The same team of experienced homeopaths who developed Homeopathic HouseCall will be offering an ongoing series of free online sessions to educate the public about homeopathic first-aid and acute care. Simply refer your family, patients, and colleagues to attend these sessions so that they may learn how Homeopathy can help them. And, once they experience successful results with first-aid and acute care through Homeopathic HouseCall, they may be inspired to seek further professional homeopathic care.

Our paid referral program:

  • Relies on our users' appreciation of our product and a small financial incentive to spread the word about Homeopathic HouseCall.

  • Does not adversely affect the cost of our product. If we were not using an Affiliate program, we would be spending that money on advertising.

  • Requires that Affiliates subscribe to our site so that we know who they are and that they have used our product before they recommend it to others.

  • Restricts the types of websites and Affiliates who can earn commissions (registered Affiliates may not spam or propagate malicious code or operate sites with questionable content).

  • Restricts commissions to three tiers only.

How you'll get paid:

Our Affiliate system works exclusively with PayPal to send out Affiliate commissions. If you do not currently work with PayPal, you can create a free account here.

Payouts automatically occur once a month via PayPal; However, payouts to your account will only occur when your commissions have reached $50 or more. This means that if, in one month, you only make $49, you will not receive a payout until you reach $50 or more. If your commission total is more than $50 for any given month, you will receive a payout.

To sign up to be an affiliate and help to grow homeopathy, simply subscribe, log in, and click the Join Our Affiliate Program link at the bottom of any Homeopathic HouseCall page.

Note: If you found Homeopathic HouseCall through a referral from a fellow Affiliate, please contact them to receive a personalized signup link for the Affiliate Program.

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